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Athletics coaching projects and volunteer athletics jobs abroad for athletics coaches who want to coach sports and volunteer abroad.
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Athletics Coaching Volunteer Projects

The opportunities to develop in athletics are very limited for many children in developing world countries. This is why you can make a big difference by volunteering abroad as an athletics coach. Working alongside other volunteer coaches, you can join one of our athletics projects and give passionate young athletes the chance to train and improve in their chosen sport. So make sure you check out our athletics projects and find out where you could be coaching athletics abroad.
See below for our Athletics Coaching Volunteer Projects Abroad.


Athletics in Ghana



Coach athletics to children in Ghana and give aspiring athletes the opportunity to train and develop in the sport they are so passionate about. Coaching athletics in Ghana is a fantastic way to experience Africa while sharing your love for...
Project Code: GHVAT1

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Throughout October you will be able to secure your place on a life changing sports project for only £95!  Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity and make sure you have your gap year or career break plans in the bag!

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Get a mate to sign up at the same time as you do and we’ll give you BOTH a £50 discount. This applies to any project in any destination, so long as you both book together. Subject to conditions.

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Book two or more projects and we’ll give you £100 off. This applies to any projects in any countries, provided you book them at the same time. Subject to conditions.

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