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Football Coaching Volunteer Project

 Accra, Ghana

Football Coaching Ghana
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4 weeks - 12 weeks
From £895 for 4 weeks + £150 per extra week
Sports Project
Work as a volunteer football coach in Ghana and give kids the chance to train and play football in a fun, organised way. Coaching football in Ghana is a great way to discover a sports-mad country while playing and coaching football in the local community.
Volunteer Football Coach
Volunteer in Ghana
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Football in Ghana
Football is the number one sport in Ghana and borders on religion for the majority of its population. We have an excellent relationship with a number of local youth clubs in the capital, Accra, as well as having close links with all the major academies in Ghana. As a footballer wanting to enjoy the game you love with young players, or as a coach looking to gain experience in top sides, we can provide the right football coaching placement for you.

Your Football Volunteer Placement
We welcome volunteers with any level of football experience and have a placement for everyone. Whether you are a school or club level player, or even a qualified and licensed coach, we will place you in the best environment for you. So long as you have a basic understanding of the game and have had some experience playing it, don't worry about your level of skill. Enthusiasm and commitment are all that are needed to see you and your team succeed. Many volunteers who come away usually have very limited coaching experience but still contribute massively to the game, and to those who play it.

Volunteers are assigned to one of the many youth teams in and around Accra. These teams range from U12, U14 and U17 and vary in talent, but all are an important focal point for many in the community. Here you will be exposed to a vast pool of skill and a passion for the game that is not often encountered in the West. Many of the clubs have trained youngsters who have gone on to pursue professional careers in the game, both within the country and on the international stage. And, needless to say, many of the volunteers we send to Ghana will coach and groom youngsters who are destined for a future in top-level football. However, alongside this desire for development, sits an immense love for the fun of the game. Coaching in Ghana is not all about serious training drills and unquestionable focus. You will simply allow more youngsters to play as part of a team, giving them a structure and sense of belonging that is so important to any aspiring footballer.

Your Football Coaching Role
As a coach in Ghana, you will have the responsibility of running and supervising all training and matches for your club team. This may sound daunting, but you will soon realise that you have an understanding of football that the young players are desperate to have. The rewards are great because the raw talent is there but the experience of a team structure is not. By introducing the basics of team play, movement and position holding, your club team will develop rapidly. Furthermore, volunteers are not left alone and you will work alongside our in-country team and local coaches as well as the other volunteers. You will also see that the competition between the volunteers can also get very passionate! However, whether its complicated technical plays or morning beach runs, you will soon develop your own coaching programme unique to you and your players.

In some cases, if you have sufficient football coaching qualifications and experience, you may be given sole responsibility of managing your own local football team. You may also be asked to train local coaches and help them improve their football coaching skills.

Gap Year Football in Ghana
This football coaching project really is the ideal gap year or gap break in Ghana. Not only does coaching and playing football during your gap year allow you to volunteer in Ghana, you can enjoy adventurous gap year travel in Ghana while also helping the Ghanaian communities you visit.

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