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Football Coaching Volunteer Project

 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina Football Project
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2 weeks - 12 weeks
From £795 for 2 weeks + £150 per extra week
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Joining a football coaching and training placement in Argentina will not only give you a taste of the Argentine passion for sport but also provide an insight into how important football is as a vehicle to tackle poverty and provide values to kids as they develop through life.
Football Volunteer Project
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Argentina Football Training

Football in Argentina

Consistently among the favourites for World Cup success it is no surprise that Argentina’s favourite sport is Football. When talking about Argentine football, you immediately start discussing past and present football stars such as Tevez, Messi and Maradona to name but a few. Although your task will not be to find the next ‘Maradona’, you will soon discover that football is played in every field, street and alley way. Moreover, coaching football in Argentina is a great opportunity to see this street football in its most raw form, where some of the top players in the world have picked up their skills. This project represents a priceless opportunity to understand the Argentine way of playing football while creating a huge impact on the local community, helping develop their skills and providing them with values and commitment towards the sport.

Your Football Volunteer Placement

The volunteer coaching project in Argentina allows you to coach football at the local soccer school and clubs, players of whom are based in the shanty towns of Buenos Aires and enables kids to stay away from drugs and crime by giving them the chance to play football. This will give you valuable experience of coaching football at the grass roots level with the potential to also work in a more structured environment with local clubs and coaches. Over 40 young players are supported by the school at any one time which offers a safe, secure environment for young athletes to practise and play football. The players are typically aged between 4-16 years old and come mainly from disadvantages areas in Buenos Aires. By choosing to volunteer as a volunteer football coach in Argentina for your gap year, you will give young football players much better access to structured football training while also gaining a much deeper insight into Argentinean football.
We welcome football volunteers with varied levels of coaching experience. We just ask that you have played on a regular basis, have a good understanding of the game and possess a basic grounding in coaching principles. The emphasis is not on developing South America’s next international football star but about providing the opportunity for children from less advantaged backgrounds to develop socially through the medium of sport and build friendships over common grounds. From here you will be providing enthusiastic young ‘Portenos’ the chance to play the sport they love in an organised and fun environment. Whatever your background, rest assured that you will be able to offer something positive to the children by choosing to be a volunteer football coach in Argentina for your Gap Year.

Your Football Coaching Role

As a part of a structured team you will assist the coaches by giving advice on how to set up new drills and exercises. You will see that skills represent a crucial part of argentine drills hence by introducing more principles of tactical movements, passing and team play, you will add a new dimension to their football training which you will soon see your players will truly appreciate. The football sessions take place during the afternoon and they have also a fitness session in which you are welcome to advise and help with the organisational side of things. Our football coaching project also runs closely alongside professional clubs, of whom the coaches may ask for your input when looking for talented young players. Competitions and tournaments are run regularly and you will soon see how important they are in the community. The Football coaching sessions take place 2pm until 5pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. On Mondays and Fridays you will have chance to coach underprivileged children in the shanty areas from 7pm until 9pm, leaving you plenty of time to explore Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas.

Your Football Training Placement

The team is an amateur team located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The team comprises of school and University students and part time amateur players (hoping to make it to professional status). Their players age between 16-20 years making it an ideal team to make friends and also enjoy the social side of Football in Argentina.
You will have the opportunity to train with the team taking part in all physical and fitness sessions; these include drills, strategy techniques and possibly the chance to play at a competitive level. Training sessions are from 8:30am until 11:30am from Monday to Friday. Approximately 20-25 players compose the team. 

Gap Year Football in Argentina

Coaching and playing football on a football gap year in Argentina is a great way to experience the argentine passion for football and a totally new culture. By volunteering in Argentina on a football project you will soon make life long friends from your gap year football coaching opportunity.

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