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10 Interesting facts you didn’t know about Canada

Take a read of this and you will want to hop straight onto a plane to Canada and may just never want to come home.

1. There is a volunteer team in Canada who reply to every single letter that is sent to Father Christmas with the postcode HoH oHo - they reply to letters sent in all languages. Canada is literally home to Santa’s elves.


2. Some residents of Canada don’t lock their cars - there is a mutual agreement that cars can be used as escape plans from polar bears. Very thoughtful. (This photo doesn’t reflect a polar bear attack but we couldn’t resist - how cute is it?)

3. Canada is the second largest country in the world but it has the world’s longest coastline - with over 125,000 miles of coast. Beautiful.

4. Canada has a limited edition coin with a glow in the dark dinosaur on it. Who would ever spend this? AMAZING.

5. As well as boasting a very impressive coastline - Canada also has more lakes than all other countries in the world combined. 

6. Ogopogo - is the Canadian version of the Loch Ness Monster. Is this photo convincing you?

7. Police departments in Canada give out positive tickets if they see somebody doing something nice. What a great idea. Top of the Class. Positive tickets can be redeemed for a variety of different treats. 

8. Canadian banknotes have braille like dots on them to help blind people distinguish between the different amounts. Shouldn’t all bank notes have this?

9. Vehicles in the North West territory of Canada have a license plate in the shape of a polar bear. That is much more fun.

10. Every year in Canada there is an aquatic bath tub race - while this looks fun I can’t help but think it might be easier to grab a canoe? 

What could be better than learning to be a ski or snowboarding instructor in Canada. Not only would you have a practical job for life but you would be able to explore this amazing country - check it out for yourself by clicking here






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  • "Playing at the hockey club was just what I needed to improve my game to a level where I could feel confident in trialing for the 1st team university hockey squad."
    James Harvey , Hockey, South Africa
  • "The experience of playing with the other team members from across the world was fantastic."
    Jonathon Hancock , Cricket, South Africa
  • "Top quality experience and brilliant to take my love of thai boxing to it's origin and train with some truly great masters."
    Tom Chalmers , Boxing, Thailand
  • "Already miss my fave boys and the kids from volunteering. Making plans to return already! Thanks to everyone that helped. I've literally had the greatest two weeks of my life despite how contrasting they were to normal life here."
    Vanessa Turner , Netball, St Lucia
  • "This was a great trip to just get me set up in Australia and have the support of the team. The surf camp was also totally awesome and great fun."
    James Scott , Surfing, Australia
  • "I made so many great friends on the surf camp that I stayed in contact with throughout my 12 months in Australia."
    Nikki Denton , Surfing, Australia
  • "Having the scuba diving course off the back of the job support and friends I made was such a useful start to my career break in Australia."
    Emily Lamb , Scuba Diving, Australia
  • "I loved everything about my time in Australia, made that much better by the Sporting Opportunities team helping me settle into Aussie life that more easily."
    Ed Dench , Scuba Diving, Australia
  • ''It was an ideal opportunity for me to combine travelling with my passion for sport.''
    James Hairsine , Football, Ghana
  • “This was a fantastic opportunity to gain some experience in sports psychology, which has really helped with the psychology element of my sports studies degree.”
    Anthony Gibson , Football, Ghana
  • "First class training and facilities. Just what I needed to keep up with my high performance training and fitness conditioning."
    David Burgess , Rugby Union, Australia
  • "This training experience in Australia was such a great way to spend part of my gap year and has got me focussed to continue my Rugby back home."
    Rory Leadbetter , Rugby Union, Australia
  • "The sports tour that Sporting Opportunities arranged for us was perfect. South Africa was a great country and having the mix of playing against locals as well as coaching sport to kids in the townships was a nice balance. Doing two weeks in South Africa has made a number of us want to come back for a longer stint on one of your 5 week volunteer coaching projects so look out for us. Thanks to all involved".
    Dan Long , Volleyball, South Africa
  • "Taking the girls on this two week hockey tour was excellent. It was the first time that any of us had been to South Africa and the team made us feel extremely welcome and comfortable. You pack so much into such a short period which totally tired us out but apart from being great fun will be a fond memory for years to come. We'll certainly be looking at coming away with you again".
    Sarah Jackson: PE Teacher , Volleyball, South Africa
  • "A well organised trip with a difference. Combining playing and coaching as well as all the cultural things you put on for us was a great idea. To even get to a Springboks Rugby game was a special treat for the lads on this tour so thanks for going the extra mile to make this happen for us".
    Geoff Fagence: Rugby Coach , Volleyball, South Africa
  • "Teaching netball and volleyball to the girls was great fun. I've totally loved Thailand and can't wait to see more of it."
    Lucinda Redfern , Basketball, Thailand
  • "To be part of a sports project that can have real impact on children's lives was an awesome experience to be part of. Thailand and it's culture has so much to offer and the people are so friendly. Thanks."
    Bernhard Gessler , Basketball, Thailand
  • "I had an amazing time working in Kenya with these kids. They show such dedication and there is some serious talent. I can't wait to go back."
    Will Ferguson , Rugby Union, Kenya
  • "Kenya is a fantastic country and being part of rugby development in this great place with these great kids will always remain a fond memory."
    Edoardo De Paoli , Rugby Union, Kenya
  • "I spent 8 weeks on this internship which was a great amount of time to get behind the organisation and really make an impact. An amazing experience."
    Marnie Gontovnick , Football, Thailand
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