Cricket Coaching Volunteer Project in India, Udaipur

  • India

Ages18 - 80

Tour ID121245

Arrival LocationUdaipur Maharana Pratap Airport (airport code UDR)

People on trip10 to 20

Experience India’s passion for cricket first hand by volunteering on our cricket coaching project. You will coach cricket to enthusiastic children in schools around Udaipur and share your love of the sport. If you love cricket, this is the sports project for you!

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Cricket is like religion in India. It is played and watched by millions, and India’s pro cricketers are worshiped like celebrities. Street cricket games are commonplace and every child has at one stage dreamed of playing for India’s national squad. Cricket is far more than just sport. The development of Indian cricket has closely mirrored many political, cultural and religious issues in India. However, while thousands of children are passionate about playing cricket, there is a real lack of opportunities to play and train in a structured environment, especially in local schools in the area. This is why you can make a huge difference to grassroots cricket development by volunteering on our cricket coaching project.

Your Cricket Volunteer Placement
Our cricket coaching projects are based in local schools around Udaipur in northern India. The schools welcome our cricket volunteers warmly because there are limited sports opportunities in the disadvantaged communities, and having passionate sports coaching volunteers is a great way to promote sport locally. Culturally, Indians tend to focus on educational activities that will lead to a better career. The chances of becoming a pro cricketer are obviously very slim and, hence, why academic education usually takes precedence over sport in the schools. During your time you will be placed in two schools coaching cricket to a wide range of children. The first is an international school with modest facilities where you will run daily sessions working with different age groups, as well as the school cricket teams. The second school is a school for children with speech and hearing impairments. The children are hugely enthusiastic about sport and the school has its own cricket teams that compete in small tournaments throughout the year. The focus of our cricket coaching projects is not to find India’s next cricket star, instead the goal is to simply give more children the opportunity to play cricket as part of a structured team or club at their schools. You therefore do not need recognised coaching qualifications to join this cricket project, however you just need to some experience playing or coaching cricket at a reasonable level. Your commitment and enthusiasm will fill in the rest.

Your Cricket Coaching Role
Your main role in the schools will be to organise cricket coaching sessions and matches for the children. Your cricket coaching sessions will be timetabled during the school day, however there may be options for long term volunteers to organise additional cricket clubs after school. You may be nervous about coaching cricket in India, but you will soon discover that you possess a wealth of knowledge that your young cricketers are desperate to have. By teaching simple batting and fielding techniques, as well as bowling and basic team tactics, your players will develop rapidly. And you will find your coaching sessions extremely rewarding, not only because the young players are so enthusiastic, but because many of the players are very talented. Seeing your cricketers improve so quickly is great motivation for any cricket coach. Once you are more settled in your role, you may want to help organise sports days or cricket tournaments for the teams you work with. This is a great way to get your players excited about the competitive side of the game, and also to develop a strong team bond and sense of sportsmanship.Your cricket coaching schedule can include the following: Warm up routines and stretching guidance, rules and regulations of different formats of the game, overview of equipment and specific requirements, bowling action and technique including spin and pace bowling, batting grip and shot technique including defensive and offensive stroke play, fielding and positional play, catching and throwing the ball, as well as developing teamwork and matchplay strategy.

CRB/DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Check
It is required that participants complete a CRB/DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) check in order to take part in this project. We can provide this service for you at an additional cost because some people may already have one that is valid (please get in touch for more details).

Gap Year Cricket in India
India is perhaps the best gap year destination to experience gap year cricket and gap year travel. A gap year in India allows you to meet other gap year volunteers and coach gap year cricket while also travelling India in your spare time. You will leave your cricket gap year in India with some amazing friends and unbelievable gap year memories.

Start dates are every week of the year with your activities starting on a Monday. We therefore request you arrive anytime on the Sunday before to receive a free airport pick-up and transfer. Early or late arrivals will incur an additional charge for the transfer and extra night including food, so arriving on the Sunday will be your better option.

Your trip will finish on the Saturday morning when you will need to vacate the accommodation.

Note: The first week is centred around Udaipur and the surrounding area for a comprehensive orientation and induction week with the sports project starting on the proceeding Monday. Therefore, if you want to do at least 2 weeks coaching you should come for a 3 week trip.

Please also note that India is known for it’s festivals, so during some periods of your trip this may disrupt normal schedules. However, our in-country team are there to make sure you are kept busy and enjoying all aspects of your India experience.

British Nationals will not require a visa to enter India. For a stay up to 30 days you can get an evisa which is emailed to you. For longer stays up to 60 days, you are required to get a tourist visa. Anything over 60 days we will need to send you a letter of invitation. To read more about visa requirements you can click here.

Equipment Donation for India
To ensure a steady supply of sports equipment is available on our sports projects, part of your volunteer fee is used to buy decent equipment for beneficiary organisations in India. You will often get to use this sports equipment during your project and it is always left with the community when you leave. If an equipment donation is not appropriate, a financial contribution is made instead.

Other Volunteer Projects in India
Although our focus is on creating sporting opportunities for children in India, there are plenty of other areas in the community that need volunteer support. You will, therefore, be welcomed to get involved with a variety of non-sports projects in the local community, ranging from teaching in schools to helping at orphanages. This extra volunteer work adds another dimension to your experience in India, and these projects often become one of the most rewarding parts for our India volunteers.

Social Life in India
Although you are expected to work hard on your sports project, we also want you to have lots of fun in your free time. This is why we organise a variety of social activities to bring volunteers together and show you some of the best bits of Indian culture. The social side of your project is incredibly important and will provide you with some of your happiest memories in India.

Playing Sport in India
If you’re coaching sports with us, the chances are you love to play sport. That’s why we have links with a number of sports clubs in India who welcome you to get involved with training and matches. You will soon discover just how effective sport is for building cross-cultural friendships.

Travel and Adventure in India
India has so much to offer for a keen traveller and adventurer. Our in-country team will help you if you wish to travel to any of the fascinating areas of India that the country is so well known for. From the dazzling scenery of the Himalayas, to the cultural heritage of Agra, to one of the World’s largest camel markets in Pushkar, or take a walk on the wild side on the Rathambore Tiger Safari, there is so much to offer to keep you in awe of this astonishing country. Or simply use your free time to explore the amazing architecture and atmosphere of the “City of Lakes”, Udaipur!

As one of our Travel Advisors for more information about travel opportunities in India, and they will be able to talk you through the options available to you in your free time in India.

Accommodation in India
Your accommodation will be centrally located to your sports project. You will live with other volunteers in a comfortable and very sociable environment. Our in-country staff are present at the accommodation to answer any questions you have and to ensure you feel safe and secure during your stay in India. There is a communal dining area with full time cooking staff to prepare your meals. You can also use the kitchen to prepare your own meals or learn some authentic cooking skills from our local cooks. There is a television with international cable channels, a DVD player and a collection of movies – perfect for chilling out after a hard day’s project work. There are also other common areas where you will enjoy relaxing and socialising with your fellow volunteers. A number of computers (with internet access) are available to use as well as café where you can purchase local snacks. Telephones are a short walk from your accommodation.

Volunteer camp with shared rooms (2-8 people per room); Basic but comfortable; Shared toilet and shower facilities; Communal areas for socialising and relaxation designed with an authentic Indian style; internet access and use of a TV with international cable channels; Single and double rooms may also be available – contact us.

3 meals a day are provided on weekdays, and then 2 meals per day on weekends; Basic but nutritious vegetarian meals are provided. Meals are of a typical Indian fare.

Airport Transfer
Included on arrival date. Ask us for details if you are arriving early/late.

A full orientation and project induction takes place in the first week centred around Udaipur and the surrounding areas. You will also receive full training relevant to your coaching role in the schools.

Pre-departure help and advice; Local in-country team; 24 hour emergency support.

Part of your fee is used to buy decent equipment for the project and community you work with. If you wish to bring further donation, please make sure that this is in the form of equipment and not monetary donations.

Flights; Travel Insurance; Visas; Vaccinations; Spending money; In country travel; Payment for transport to / from placement; Laundry service; Extra activities not on itinerary. Departure Transfer.

You will be met on arrival. Full details will be provided once you have booked your trip with us.

Preferred Duration
There is no preferred duration but we believe that the longer you can stay the more you will experience and benefit. Please take into account that the first week of your project will be a cultural orientation in Udaipur.

Typical Hours
Monday-Friday; 3-5 hours a day; Occasional work at weekends but usually free for personal time and travel. Please be aware that some public holidays may cause disruption to times / days during your volunteer project.

No prior coaching experience or qualifications are required, but a basic understanding of the game and/or playing experience is necessary. It is important that you can speak English. Volunteers are required to provide a valid CRB/DBS check in order to take part in the project.

Ideal For
Sports Gap Years and Career breaks; Gap Breaks; Gap Years and Volunteer Travel; Cricket Coaching in India; Sports Volunteering in Asia.

Cricket Coaching Volunteer Project in India, Udaipur

  • India

Ages18 - 80

Tour ID121245

Arrival LocationUdaipur Maharana Pratap Airport (airport code UDR)

People on trip10 to 20

  • Travel dates are flexible

Suitable for ages 18 to 80

Most participants are between 18 and 25, so please be aware of this. We do welcome older people because of the value and experience they bring to the community.

"It was fascinating to associate and live with a number of different cultures. The experience of helping others who lived an extensively sheltered and innocent life was invaluable."
Dave Lowe

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