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Work as a volunteer football coach in Ghana and give kids the chance to train and play football in a fun, organised way. Coaching football in Ghana is a great way to discover a sports-mad country while playing and coaching football in the local community.

Teshie, Accra, Ghana

Football or Soccer in Ghana
Football is the number one sport in Ghana and borders on religion for the majority of its population. We have an excellent relationship with a number of local youth clubs in the capital, Accra, as well as having close links with all the major academies in Ghana. As a footballer wanting to enjoy the game you love with young players, or as a coach looking to gain experience in top sides, we can provide the right football coaching placement for you.

Your Football or Soccer Coaching Volunteer Placement
We welcome volunteer coaches with any level of football experience and have a placement for everyone. Whether you are a school or club level player, or even a qualified and licensed coach, we will place you in the best environment for you. So long as you have a basic understanding of the game and have had some experience playing it, don’t worry about your level of skill. Enthusiasm and commitment are all that are needed to see you and your team succeed. Many volunteer football coaches who come away usually have very limited coaching experience but still contribute massively to the game, and to those who play it.

Volunteer football or soccer coaches are assigned to one of the many youth teams in and around Accra. These teams range from U12, U14 and U17 and vary in talent, but all are an important focal point for many in the community. Here you will be exposed to a vast pool of skill and a passion for the game that is not often encountered in the West. Many of the clubs have trained youngsters who have gone on to pursue professional careers in the game, both within the country and on the international stage. And, needless to say, many of the volunteers we send to Ghana will coach and groom youngsters who are destined for a future in top-level football. However, alongside this desire for development, sits an immense love for the fun of the game. Coaching in Ghana is not all about serious training drills and unquestionable focus. You will simply allow more youngsters to play as part of a team, giving them a structure and sense of belonging that is so important to any aspiring footballer.

Your Football Coaching Role
As a coach in Ghana, you will have the responsibility of running and supervising all training and matches for your club team. This may sound daunting, but you will soon realise that you have an understanding of football that the young players are desperate to have. The rewards are great because the raw talent is there but the experience of a team structure is not. By introducing the basics of team play, movement and position holding, your club team will develop rapidly. Furthermore, volunteers are not left alone and you will work alongside our in-country team and local coaches as well as the other volunteers. You will also see that the competition between the volunteers can also get very passionate! However, whether its complicated technical plays or morning beach runs, you will soon develop your own coaching programme unique to you and your players.

In some cases, if you have sufficient football coaching qualifications and experience, you may be given sole responsibility of managing your own local football team. You may also be asked to train local coaches and help them improve their football coaching skills.

CRB/DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Check
It is advised that participants complete a CRB/DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) check in order to take part in this project. We can provide this service for you at an additional cost because some people may already have one that is valid (please get in touch for more details).

Gap Year, Sports Studies or Career Break Football or Soccer in Ghana
This football coaching project really is the ideal gap year, student sports experience or career break in Ghana. Not only does coaching and playing football or soccer during your time abroad allow you to volunteer and experience sport in Ghana, you can also enjoy adventurous gap year and career break travel in an amazingly friendly African country whilst also helping the Ghanaian communities you visit.

You can arrive any weekend of the year to start the project on a Monday. We’ll pick you up from the airport and take you back to the accommodation to settle you in and meet the rest of the team.

Please note that some national holidays may cause disruption to normal sessions but our in-country team will do their best to support activities around this.

British Nationals (and most visitors to Ghana) will require a visa to enter Ghana and we suggest you apply for a tourist visa. You can check your visa requirements by visiting the Ghana High Commission website. Please search online for details.

Everyone will also require a yellow fever vaccination to enter Ghana and a certificate to prove you have had this. You should contact your travel nurse/doctor to discuss this further.

Optional Teaching in Ghana
In addition to your coaching role, you will have the opportunity to teach classes, or assist in teaching classes, in one of the sports academies or schools based in Accra. This will give you another impacting experience while allowing you to make a difference outside the world of sport. With a western education, you will be able to contribute massively to the standard of tuition that the students receive. Subject areas include English (language and literature), math, science, journalism, business, IT, RE and a whole variety of extra-curricular activities.

Other Options in Ghana
It is likely that there will be a whole variety of other activities you can get involved with while you are away. Because we have focused in-country teams, they will be able to inform you of other opportunities both inside and outside the capital. This gives you a unique chance to combine projects and experience the country in a whole variety of ways.

Equipment Donation for Ghana
We are dedicated to sustainable development. This is why part of the fee you pay goes towards buying decent equipment for beneficiary organisations in Ghana. You will often use this equipment during your project and it is always left with the community when you leave. In some cases, an equipment donation may not be appropriate so a financial contribution is made instead

Social Life in Ghana
Our social life is unrivalled and we believe it is important to give volunteers the chance to unwind and have fun while they are away. Our in-country team therefore organises a variety of activities to bring volunteers together, to share their experiences and, above all, have a good time. Some of these activities include visits to the best night spots, group meals, trips away and sports teams where you can to take on local competition

Akpateshi FC
If you fancy a game of footy while you are away, or simply enjoy the social side of football, you should join our volunteer team, Akpateshi FC. This gives you the chance to play alongside the other volunteers and challenge some serious African opposition. However, although the team has a competitive edge, the emphasis is on the social side of football and is aptly named after the locally brewed bush whiskey! If you play in the team, or simply become a supporter, you will soon see why Akpateshi FC is so renowned for its unpredictable matches and fiery social life.

Travel and Adventure in Ghana
You will be encouraged to explore Ghana during your free time so you can sample some of its breathtaking sights and meet some of Africa’s friendliest people. The capital, Accra, is full of great places to visit and you will meet both locals and other travellers at a variety of bars and restaurants that provide authentic African live music and dancing. There are also a large number of western-style pubs and clubs, including an Irish Bar, an American Sports Bar and a series of dance-venues very close to where you are living. And, if you fancy a football experience to remember, then prepare yourself for watching Hearts of Oak at the National Stadium where the locals wave flags, blow horns and dance on the roofs of the terraces!

Beyond Accra, there are countless places to visit. You could take a Sunday pleasure-cruise on Lake Volta (the biggest man-made lake in Africa) or you might want to visit the history-laden slave castles of Cape Coast and Elmina. You may want to take a walk on the wild side with the elephants at Mole National Park or spot tropical birds in the rainforest canopy at Kakum National Park. Then there is the 60-metre-high Wli waterfalls, the Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary (where monkeys are preserved as ‘sacred’ creatures!) and the endless palm-tree beaches lining the Atlantic coastline! The captivating places, intriguing people and diverse landscapes will make Ghana one of the most enlightening experiences a traveller could wish for. Our in-country team will also help you build a travelling itinerary and give you plenty of advice on how to make your way through the country.

The accommodation is basic but comfortable and you will stay in a dormitory style room. The accommodation has a very sociable atmosphere and you will find it a great place to relax and unwind in the evenings. The accommodation is also centrally located to the placements. Shops and other useful amenities are either a short walk or taxi ride away.

Communal House; Basic but comfortable; Dormitory style rooms (4-10 people per room); Shared toilets and showers.

3 meals a day; Basic but nutritious local foods.

Arrival Pick-Up
Included on arrival date. Ask us for details if you are arriving early.

Full project induction and local orientation given on arrival.

Pre-departure help and advice; Local in-country team; 24 hour emergency support.

Flights; Travel Insurance; Visas; Vaccinations; Spending money; In country travel; Payment for transport to / from placement; Laundry service; Soft drinks and alcohol; Extra activities not on itinerary.

You will be met at the airport or suitable agreed location if arriving overland

What football equipment should I bring?

A lot of the pitches in Ghana are dusty and not level (although there are grass fields too), so bring your astros or suitable trainers. You should also bring shin pads and clothing you want to play in. It gets extremely hot, so bring a water bottle or you can buy pure water sachets off local vendors very cheap.

Football Coaching & Playing Project in Ghana, Accra

  • Ghana

Tour ID121340

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  • Travel dates are flexible

Suitable for ages 17 to 80

Most participants are between 18 and 25, so please be aware of this. We do welcome older people because of the value and experience they bring to the community. We have even had people in their late 70s join us so don't be put off!

"This was a really great experience, takes a couple days to get into the swing of things, but after that the trip runs very smoothly. All the staff and other volunteers were very friendly and I will defiantly be doing something similar next summer. Unforgettable!"
Will Hurl
"The football coaching was great, and also being able to play a lot of football was even better. I thought the staff were great as they loved football and that added to our experience. Great people, great experience and a great sport to be playing in Ghana."
Matt Pheasant
“Initially I had minor worries that a girl football coach would not be respected, but as soon as I got there, this illusion was proven very wrong!”
Lucy Mills

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