Swimming Teaching Volunteer Project in Ghana, Accra

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Ages:17 - 80
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Teach children and young people how to swim in Ghana and give back a gift that will most certainly save lives. A truly rewarding experience as you guide someone through the steps, from being fearful of water all the way to being confident and able to swim in it.

Teshie, Accra, Ghana

"Being able to teach kids how to swim has to have been one of my most significant moments in life. From seeing 12 year old kids fearful of water on day one to being able to swim full lengths of the pool with confidence after 5 weeks was just incredible. You also know that you are giving these kids a gift for life."
Nick Zanette
"I have had the best three months in Ghana ever! Working a living alongside local Ghanaians and seeing a completely different way of life will live with me forever. My project in helping kids learn how to swim was so rewarding too and it has really made me think about what I want to do when I get home with my future career and working with young people. Thanks to everyone involved and I look forward to coming back to my African home again one day."
Sarah Dunbury

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