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Leeds Beckett University logoLeeds Beckett University boasts one of the top-ranking sports departments across the country, with one of the first university-accredited outdoors schools, Carnegie School of Outdoors Education, Leeds Beckett offers cutting-edge courses delivered by field trailblazers.

Bachelor of Science Undergraduate Sports Courses at Leeds Beckett University 

BSc (Hon) Sport and Exercise Science
You’ll study behavioural, physical and life sciences on this practice-based course. A passion for understanding the science behind sports performance, health, and physical activity will drive your career to help people of all physical abilities.

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Designed to meet the competency requirements and professional standards set by the Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr), this course will prepare you to become a professional sport and exercise nutritionist. You’ll help athletes prepare for their chosen sport by providing them with specialist nutritional programmes that will aid their performance.

BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Therapy
You’ll complete the hours you need to register as a sports therapist through supervised practical placements. Placements can be in a range of settings that include local amateur and professional sporting environments. You’ll also be able to gain practical experience through volunteering activities at local and national sporting events.

BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching
Invaluable placement opportunities will give you the chance to put your learning into practice. You could be coaching children from local schools or working on campus assisting our coaches, some of whom work with Olympic athletes. You could also gain experience in the wider sports industry with professional clubs such as Leeds Rhinos and Leeds United, or with local authority and private fitness centres.

BSc (Hons) Science of Sport Performance
Immerse yourself in the science of sport to help develop the high-performance athletes of today and tomorrow. Your studies will allow you to develop the essential knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in sports performance. As part of your course, you’ll develop expertise in the interdisciplinary sciences of sports performance, drawing on disciplines including biomechanics, nutrition, physiology and psychology.

BSc (Hons) Applied Sports Studies- Available with specialisations in football, rugby, netball, cricket and athletics pathways.
Explore your sporting passion as you build real-life professional experience. You’ll work with Leeds Beckett University’s partnered organisations in your chosen sport. Gain breadth and depth of work experience from day one through modules, volunteering, coaching qualifications and paid employment

BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching with Foundation Year
Transition into higher education and prepare for degree-level study with the BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching with an integrated foundation year.

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science with Foundation Year
If you don’t have the required UCAS points to secure a place on the full degree programme, this integrated foundation year will enable you to transition onto our BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science course, preparing you for academic life at university.

BSc (Hons) Science of Sport Performance with Foundation Year
If you don’t have the required UCAS points to secure a place on the full degree programme, this integrated foundation year will enable you to transition onto the BSc Science of Sport Performance course, preparing you for academic life at university.

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Promote and support a healthy body through physical movements. Our students experience hands-on placements in the NHS, sports clubs, schools and private clinics.

BSc (Hons) Physical Activity, Exercise and Health
Developed in response to the government’s drive for a more physically active and healthier nation, this course will equip you with the knowledge, experience and skills to thrive in the field of physical activity, exercise and health.

Bachelor of Arts Undergraduate Courses at Leeds Beckett University

BA Sports Marketing
Promoting and marketing sports is a growing industry. You’ll develop as a dynamic sports marketer to prepare for an exciting career in this vibrant field.

BA (Hons) Sport Business Management
Blend your passion for sport with business management expertise and real-world leadership skills. As part of your course, you’ll examine key business areas, including marketing, finance, economics, enterprise, strategy and events management, and their relationship with sport.

BA (Hons) Sport Development
Help to transform lives and shape active communities through your love of sport. As part of this course, you’ll learn how to provide opportunities for participation in sports for all sections of society and encourage people to lead healthier lives. You’ll also examine how issues such as racism, poverty and gender inequality impact sports participation – and how as a future practitioner you can challenge these issues.

BA (Hons) Sports Journalism
Become an expert multimedia journalist specialising in sports journalism. You’ll develop knowledge of research, reporting, dissemination and promotion. Placement opportunities will give you the chance to encounter real-life journalism. Students from Leeds Beckett University have completed placements with The Independent, The One Show, as well as local radio and newspapers.

BA (Hons) Physical Education
Learn how to educate others to become motivated, healthy, confident and physically competent. You’ll enable people to take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.

BA (Hons) Physical Education with Outdoors Education
Combine your passion for the outdoors with a deep-rooted understanding of physical education and become a practised outdoor educator. Carnegie School of Sport has a long history and successful record of inspiring the next generation of educators and supporting world-class athletes.

Leeds Beckett University offers many of its sports and health courses with integrated Foundation Years which allow prospective students to transition into higher education and prepare for degree-level study.

Postgraduate Courses at Leeds Beckett University

MSc Sport Business Management
This course has been designed to introduce you to the key principles and processes of sports business management, with the opportunity to customise your study to your individual needs and career aspirations through making considered assessment choices.

MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine
This course will enable you to apply science and medicine to help athletes recover from injury and reach their physical peak and also aid the general population in maintaining healthy lifestyles. You will gain practical expertise that will allow you to assess, treat and support individuals from a variety of sporting disciplines.

MS Sport Coaching
With an established Research Centre for Sport Coaching, you’ll be taught by top-class coach experts who produce world-renowned research on the topical issues of sports coaching. As well as working with course staff with excellent research and industry experience, you’ll have the opportunity to meet internationally renowned guest speakers, giving you a wider view of the industry.

MA Sport Development and Management
Develop your leadership, management and critical thinking skills. You’ll influence sports development policy and practice and boost your career prospects.

MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition
The first to be accredited by the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) – the national register for qualified sport and exercise nutritionists – this course is academically challenging, vocationally relevant and underpinned by evidence-based practice. It focuses on the study of nutrition in relation to sport and exercise.

MSc Sport and Exercise Physiology
This course will give you an in-depth understanding of the physiological and metabolic effects of exercise and training. You’ll develop the practical skills required to meet the specific needs of the client, be it optimal performance or improved health.

MSc Sport and Exercise Biomechanics
This course will allow you to apply the principles of sport and exercise biomechanics to support and enhance your understanding of human performance and injury.

Msc Strength and Conditioning
Learn to understand the perspectives of other practitioners, including nutritionists, physiotherapists and psychologists. As part of the course, you’ll learn to design and implement a programme for athletes or specific populations and apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life situations.

MA Physical Education and Youth Sport
This course will provide the ideal stepping stone for recent graduates wishing to diversify their knowledge, as well as current practitioners working in schools or within the field of youth sport.

Leeds Beckett University also offers a variety of Postgraduate Certificates and Postgraduate Diplomas in these subjects, which allows students to study at a postgraduate level within a shorter timeframe.

Leeds Beckett University has produced notable alumni across the field of sport and physiotherapy:

Laura Weightman – middle-distance runner and has competed in the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Tom Williams – the Chief Operating Officer for parkrun Global, an initiative that organises free, weekly, community events around the world.
Matt Pears – Head of Strength & Conditioning with Leeds United.
Paul Heckingbottom – former footballer and football coach who has managed championship teams, such as Sheffield United F.C.

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