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Loughborough University excels across a broad range of sports-related subjects, including sports science, medicine, technology, ergonomics and business.

One of the highest-ranking universities in the UK for sports subjects, Loughborough University offers students a chance to use state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment; all whilst learning from some of the keenest minds in the field. Loughborough University has been ranked number one in the world to study sports-related subjects in the QS World University Rankings every year since the inception of this category.

Undergraduate Sports Courses at Loughborough University

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
You will develop your knowledge and understanding of Sport and Exercise Sciences and gain a scientific appreciation of the disciplines that underpin them including physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, motor control and psychology.
You will gain insights into the physiological, biomechanical and psychological influences on human performance during the preparation for, and participation in, sport and exercise. A rigorous understanding of these core disciplines provides the foundation of applied practice within the sport and exercise sector.

BSc (Hons) Sport Management
The BSc Sports Management degree is co-taught by the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (currently ranked 1st in the world for sports-related subjects) and the School of Business and Economics (one of the UK’s leading business schools) to equip you with vital skills in marketing, organisational management, and accounting. The degree will provide you with a thorough grounding in the key strategic challenges and opportunities for sport by developing your understanding of sports organisations, sports governance, sports policy, sports marketing and sports economics.

BSc (Hons) Sport Science, Coaching and Physical Education
This course will allow you to develop a critical, theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of Sport, Coaching and Physical Education, as well as physiology, physical activity and health, skill acquisition, psychology and sports sociology.

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Psychology
Covering all the core areas of psychology for BPS accreditation, the BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology degree will ensure you gain an in-depth understanding of how psychological factors are used to understand and support the performance and well-being of athletes, coaches, teams and exercisers across the life span. While studying Sport and Exercise Psychology course you will be taught by world-leading sport and exercise psychologists who are international scholars and practitioners in elite sport, youth sport, motivation, interpersonal relationships and exercise participation.

Sport with a Foundation Year for Elite Athletes
Sport with a Foundation Year is the ideal course for students who wish to combine their sports training with academic study. Completing a foundation year will enable you to progress onto the first year of one of Loughborough University’s sports-related degree courses, provided the relevant progression criteria are met.

Sport with an International Foundation Year
This course is primarily for candidates who have not studied the prerequisite subjects needed for first-year entry or have not met their expected entrance requirements due to adverse situations, or because of their performance sporting commitments, as well as mature students returning to education or care leavers.

Postgraduate Sport Courses at Loughborough University

Sport Management MSc
The master’s in sports management will equip you with the marketing, policy, strategy and management skills for the rapidly expanding global sports industry.

Sport Biomechanics MSc
The MSc Sports Biomechanics enables you to specialise in the physics of sport to gain a greater understanding of sporting performance and reduce injury risk

Sport Marketing MSc
The MSc Sport Marketing programme will provide you with a robust understanding of the key principles of marketing. Located in London.

Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc
The BPS accredited MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology degree provides a critical understanding of the subject and its application in sport and exercise.

Sport Business and Leadership MSc
The Sport Business and Leadership MSc is designed to improve your ability to lead and manage individuals, teams and organisations within the sports industry.

Sport Business and Innovation MSc
The Sport Business & Innovation MSc programme focuses on the key principles of innovation and enterprise which are cornerstones to the world of sport business.

Sport Analytics and Technologies MSc
The Sport Analytics and Technologies MSc programme in London will help you to develop a critical understanding of how technology is impacting on sport.

Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health MSc
MSc Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health provides the scientific concepts and practices of musculoskeletal function, measurement, injury and treatment.

Applied Sport Performance Analysis MSc
The MSc Applied Sport Performance Analysis degree offers you an excellent platform to develop advanced knowledge and the skills to analyse and develop performance in elite sport.

Strength and Conditioning MSc
The MSc Strength and Conditioning provides the knowledge, skills and experience to develop athletes’ sporting performance across recreation and elite levels.

Sustainable Sport Business MSc
The Sustainable Sport Business masters programme will develop your critical understanding on how to manage the practice of sustainability, along with insights into broader economic, social, environmental and policy issues in sport.

Sport Management, Politics and International Development MSc
The MSc Sport Management, Politics and International Development draws upon our strong ties across the sporting sector and sport-related organisations.

Physiology and Nutrition of Sport and Exercise MSc
The MSc in Physiology and Nutrition of Sport and Exercise is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the physiological, nutritional and metabolic demands of exercise and training, and their implications for participation in sport and for the maintenance of good health.

Clinical Exercise Physiology MSc
The MSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology gives you the skills you need to promote the prescription of exercise as a preventative measure and as a treatment or therapy.

Social Science Research (Sport and Exercise Science) MSc
MSc Social Science Research (Sport and Exercise Science) provides an overview of the key methodological and philosophical debates shaping the social sciences.

Physical Education PGCE
The PGCE physical education programme gives you the practical and theoretical knowledge for a career teaching secondary school students.

Loughborough University also offers a variety of PhD courses which allow students to work alongside some of the most innovative research times in the world.

Loughborough University has a proven history of producing some of the best athletes and coaches in the world, with their own Hall of Fame for those who have risen through the ranks to the very top of their game:

Sarah Hunter MBE– World Rugby Women’s Player of the Year, played in three World Cups and one of the first women to be awarded a full-time contract by the RFU.
Barry Middleton– Winner of nine bronze medals at EuroHockey, World League and Commonwealth levels with 432 international caps and 119 goals to his name.
Dan Greaves– 2-time world record holder in discus, took gold in Athens Paralympics and silver in Sydney and London Paralympics.
Dr Hannah MacLeod MBE– double Olympic medallist, with the record-breaking Great Britain Women’s hockey team, culminating in winning Gold at the Rio Olympics. She has a doctorate in Exercise Physiology and coaches leaders and teams in FTSE 100 companies.

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