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Fiji is regularly referred to as the beach bum’s paradise, due to its breathtaking coastlines and party atmosphere, it truly is one of the south pacific’s gems.

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With seemingly never ending palm fringed beaches surrounding a whole cluster of stunning islands, pack your sun cream because this country is a sizzler. Made up of hundreds of exotic islands, whether you plan to hop from shore to shore, or settle for a time in one of Fiji’s welcoming communities, paradise is a bit of an understatement for this awesome island nation!

Fiji is not only a stunning travel hot spot, but it also has a rich history of sporting passion and prowess, most notably through is links to rugby union and rugby 7’s, however this sport hungry nation just love competition in any form, so prepare yourself for a real sporting treat!

Quick Facts


Republic of Fiji


Australasia / South Pacific

Bordering Countries

Fiji is an island nation and has no bordering countries.

Capital City



Parliamentary Republic




English, Fijian, Hindi


Fijian Dollar (FJD)


35% of Fijians currently live in poverty.

Main Exports

Sugar, gold, fish, timber, parents and coconut oil.


Fiji was a tropical climate with warm temperatures. Highs overeager between 26 - 31 degrees Celsius year round. Rain season occurs from December to Aprils and the dry season from April to November.

Time Zone


Flag Fiji

Fun Facts

  • Fiji is made up of 333 islands and over 500 tiny islets.
  • A New Year tradition in the villages is to play a game called Veicaqe Moli, or otherwise known as “Kick the Orange”.
  • Fiji is known for having a interesting history. The last recorded act of cannibalism took place in 1867!

Travel Highlights

  • Island Hopping is something that many travellers in Fiji do, and it is something that should not be missed. Travel from shore to shore between Fiji’s scattered islands (the Yasawa’s or Mamanuca’s).
  • Learn to dive and explore some of the worlds most incredible dive sites on Fiji’s epic coastline. With amazing underwater landscapes and a vast array of tropical fish this is a real treat!
  • Visit Fiji’s adventure capital, Pacific Harbour on Viti Levu, and fill your adventurous boots with incredible activities.
  • Experience trekking in the lush rainforests and beautiful mountainous regions in Fiji and discover dazzling landscapes and amazing wildlife.

Where is Fiji

Fiji is located to the northeast of New Zealand in the beautiful South Pacific Ocean. This collection of dispersed islands are simply stunning. The scattered group of 333 individual islands are like something straight out of a beach bum’s dream, with white sand beaches stretching for miles upon miles, fringed with lush green palms. The variety of landscapes in Fiji will astonish even the most experienced of travellers, from 1000 meter high mountains, untouched beaches and fascinating tropical rainforests, these dazzling islands have something for all travellers.

Fiji’s Climate

The Fijian islands enjoy the best of the South Sea tropical climate, with both “Summer” and “Winter” providing beautiful weather with temperatures reaching 35°C. The weather is generally hot all year round, however due to the tropical climate, Fiji has a rainy season which runs from December through to February, coinciding with the hottest months of the year.

As Fiji is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed compared to north of the Equator, with “Summer” occurring between November and February, and “Winter” between April and September where temperatures are only slightly cooler, however the only notable difference is the onset of the rainy season during the summer.

Language in Fiji

Fiji is home to tree official languages: English, Fijian and Hindi. English is widely spoken in all areas of the country, and is a remnant of the British colonial rule of the islands. English was Fiji’s official language before the 1997 constitution which recognised Fijian and Hindi as also widely spoken as either first or second languages along with English. Fijian is mainly spoken by the indigenous Fijians who make up some 54% of the population, and further 37% of the population of the country are of Indian descent and have brought a local variant of the Hindi languages known as Fijian Hindi.

The People of Fiji

The Fijian people are world renowned for being some of the friendliest in the world, welcoming you into their country and communities with open arms. By respecting their customs and embracing the Fijian way of life you will soon make new friends and add another dimension to your Fijian adventure. Be prepared to shake hands and answer lots of questions about your life back at home, as the Fijian people are love to find out more about the country’s visitors.

Fiji has a population of less than 860,00 people, with many living on the country’s largest islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. This means that communities are small and close knit. Prepare yourself for “Fiji Time” as you will find the Fijian people do not have the same ideals regarding time frames and deadlines and like to get things done in their own time.

Travel in Fiji

Fiji is made up of 333 stunning tropical islands, and due to the abundance of soft coral diving spots, white sand beaches and a pristine natural environment is clear to see why Fiji is known worldwide for eco-tourism, and attracts travellers from all walks of life throughout the year!


Suva is one of Fiji’s most popular locations for travel, and being located on the south east coast of one of the country’s largest islands Viti Levu, it is easy to get to and an incredible place to explore during your free time. Suva is the capital of Fiji and the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in the country, with approximately 86000 inhabitants, the town represents the true meaning of multicultural with a wide range of European, Indian, Asian and Fijian residents and cuisines. Make sure to take a trip to the Fiji Museum in Suva to discover more about this incredible country.

There are so many opportunities to capture the real Fiji during your stay, from diving the epic reefs, to swimming with tiger sharks, hiking the many mountains, to soaking up the sun on one of Fiji’s blissful beaches. There will be plenty to keep you entertained during your stay here, so make sure you head out with an open mind and prepared to be blown away!

Gap Years and Career Breaks in Fiji

Visit Fiji during your gap year career break or summer holiday, and experience exactly why it is known for being one of the most desirable destinations in the world. From the pristine landscapes, to some of the world’s friendliest and welcoming people, Fiji will not disappoint and the laid back lifestyle and peaceful pace of life will leave you wanting more!

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