Get to know your rips from your swells, your breaks from your barrels, and develop your surfing skills and knowledge to a new level on a surf trip overseas.

South Africa Surf Instructor Course, Cape Town to Durban (ISA Level 1)

A surf experience that will see you take in the best waves and must visit sights of South Africa. You’ll make new friends, ride ...

Surfing and Beach Cleaning in Peru, Chiclayo

Enjoy the beating sun of Peru, catching the perfect wave and join a community beach cleaning program that will immerse you in a small fisherman town. ...
£800 £750
/ person
durations start from
14 days

Whether you are an experienced surfer looking to explore new surf spots around the world, or a complete novice looking for a beginners course, a surf trip abroad can be a really eye opening experience. Discover amazing beaches on the other side of the world and discover why surfing is known for its relaxed but passionate vibe.

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