Sports Physiotherapy Internship in Ghana, Accra

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Ages:20 - 80
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Gain invaluable work experience in Ghana as a sports physiotherapist and give athletes the chance to receive extra support for injuries. Gain elective and work experience for a university degree. See an amazing country and make a real impact on your life as well as others.

Teshie, Accra, Ghana

"To be able to assess and treat some of the most promising young footballers in the country, both on and off the pitch, provided me with an opportunity that I would never have been able to get in the UK."
Heathor Taylor
"Just keep doing what you’re doing, it was wonderful to see the differences you have made! I’ve made so many great friends and have the most amazing memories!'"
Joanna Hayes
'I would just like to thank you for such a brilliant to trip to Ghana. I had a fantastic time and thought I was really able to use my skills as a qualified physiotherapist.''
Marc Holl
"The outpatients and staff gave me a send off party and I was touched and embarrassed by the extent of their gratitude. To be truthful, my contribution was limited, but it was appreciated, and I got an enormous amount out of being there."
Sarah Remnant

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