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A career break or sabbatical with Sporting Opportunities is a fantastic opportunity for those who are getting a little tired of their working life who want to spread their wings and see more of the sporting world.

Whether you want to do something selfless and share your sporting skills with a younger generation, or develop your sporting skills and prowess, there are so many options available for any career breaker looking to experience all that the sporting world has to offer, and learn something new about themselves.

Maybe you are already a qualified sports coach working in a club or school and you are looking to experience your passion for sports in a completely new setting. Alternatively maybe you are just sick of the monotonous daily routine of the nine-to-five office job, and want to instigate a change in your life and pursue your interest in sports and travel is the next logical option for you.

Whatever your reasoning behind your need for a career break, there can be no better way to see the world and experience the role that sports plays in almost all countries than on a tailored sports project, placement or trip abroad.

Sports Career Break Opportunities
Sports Career Break Opportunities

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