Francesca Ioffreda: Football Coaching and Playing in Ecuador

My time in Quito was amazing. I had a wonderful experience working with the kids, training, and partying in the Mariscal 🙂 My homestay was also fabulous and I made amazing friends with my other housemates and the family.

I look forward to returning sometime soon. My time in Quito on the soccer program was the highlight of my summer. Although I was only there for 2 weeks the experience had a profound impact on me and was an amazing adventure. I really enjoyed coaching the students and playing with them in the afternoons; they were a ball of energy and excitement.

I especially enjoyed training at the university and establishing relationships with the players on the team. The players and coaches were extremely warm and welcoming and made me feel at home.

Finally, Quito is an amazing place with a plethora of activities and opportunities. While there, I took daily Spanish grammar classes and salsa lessons, and enjoyed the nightlife the Mariscal had to offer. I would definitely recommend this program to sports and travel enthusiasts.

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