Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel

If you have upcoming travel plans, or are planning to travel in the coming weeks, you’ll likely have some questions about the impact coronavirus (officially named COVID-19) may have.

As the world adjusts to having Covid-19 in our lives and with the success of the vaccination programme, many countries are now open to receive international travellers once again. Each country is different with it’s entry requirements, so it’s important you familiarise yourself with the particular destination you are going to.

Please use the UK Government’s advice using the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) by country website.

Travel Insurance

When you book your trip with us, we advise that you should take out travel insurance to cover the cancellation of a trip and usual cover for medical and personal belongings. We therefore ask that you pursue this route and we will support you with whatever is required to make a successful claim in the unfortunate situation a trip is cancelled.

Booking Flights

If possible, our advice to you is to consider holding off booking flights until as close to the trip start date as possible. However, many airlines are being very flexible with date changes on booked tickets or are offering refunds. Therefore, if you would like to book flights then make sure the airline is offering these options.

The world has adapted in many ways to managing the transmission risk of Covid-19, so it is highly likely you will need to get a PCR test done 72hrs or less before travel that comes back negative. You will need to take the certificate to the airport to be allowed entry on the plane and in some countries you will also need a further test on arrival.

We will help you with what knowledge we have on each of the countries we operate in to support you with this.

For those of you, who have not yet booked and are still wanting to come away with us

We would encourage you to think ahead and still make plans to travel this year and in the future as this is vital to our survival and the positive work we do for communities around the world.

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