4 ways an overseas sporting internship can boost employability

Let’s be honest here, we are living in an age where our perceived level of employability is heavily dependent on how much experience we have in a specific field. That’s why more and more students are spending hour upon hour scrolling through sites like Linkedin fighting over a limited amount of opportunities to intern, volunteer or gain experience. Sporting Opportunities however, offers a variety of packaged internships abroad, saving the hassle regarding firing off endless amounts of ignored emails, whilst getting to experience another country too.

So, whether you’re a budding physiotherapist interested in jetting off to experience football in Ghana, in the making sport psychologist who likes the sound of working with the international rugby team in St Lucia or a sport management student who wants to make a difference in a country like South Africa, we offer an endless amount of life-changing and career-boosting placements across the globe.

Is an oversees internship effective at boosting employability?

1. A chance to put theory into practise

These internships are perfect for students who have spent a few years building the relevant knowledge, but now feel ready to apply it to the real world. Chances are you have spent hours and hours reading about the “best possible way to coach the perfect three pointer in basketball”, or you’ve dedicated weeks putting pen to paper to write an essay on, “how you can assist a rugby player to come back from a dislocated shoulder”. Well then, here’s the chance to actually coach that three pointer and fix that rugby players’ dislocated shoulder!

2. Opportunity to meet different people

It is often overlooked how much of a people-focused industry sport is. Whether you want to be a sport psychologist that talks to young athletes on how they can rebuild their confidence, or you’re a tennis coach, wanting to help an athlete improve their serve; the common denominator in these activities here are both people and communication. It’s vital to find the best possible way to interact with people and understand how they best take in information. No university module that assists as much with that as getting out there and just doing it (thanks, Nike). Interning abroad will give you that chance to interact with people from every walk of life and learn and take inspiration from different cultures.

“Whilst getting the chance to boost your employability skills is certainly a good thing going forward, the fact that you are getting to travel somewhere is also pretty awesome too!”

3. It looks good on your CV

A Sporting Opportunities internship abroad will without doubt aid you in boosting your CV, and help you stand out to future employers. For starters, it will show that instead of spending your summer necking shot after shot in Ibiza, you showed the initiative to invest in yourself during a time in which you spent a significant period of time building experience in an industry you are passionate and determined to work in.

4. It’s a chance to travel!

This section doesn’t need much explanation.

I mean, look at this!

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