Rugby Coaching and Playing Project in St Lucia, Castries

  • Saint Lucia

Ages18 - 80

Tour ID121339

Arrival LocationHewannora International Airport (airport code UVF)

People on trip10 to 18

Coach and play rugby as a volunteer rugby coach in the paradise island of St Lucia. Work alongside the national team to develop the game at the grass routes level, giving disadvantaged kids the chance to progress in this fast growing sport in the Caribbean.

Castries, Saint Lucia

Please note it is possible to come for more than a 2 week trip and most will come between a 4 and 8 week duration.

Rugby in St Lucia
Rugby was brought to St Lucia in the early 1970’s and has had many ups and downs since. Rugby is a global sport, and the Caribbean has yet to make an impact on the world stage. Guyana have had some success in the 7’s circuit though, and we hope St Lucia with soon follow suit.

As a rugby coach you will work with the National St Lucian team, as well as coaching the children in our youth groups to build the game up at a grass roots level with the main emphasis being on participation and fun.

Your Rugby Coaching Volunteer Placement
The rugby coaching placement is ideal for anyone looking to pursue a career in sport, teaching or childcare. The placement is suitable for players and coaches of all experience, qualifications and abilities. Specific rugby aims and needs can be catered to; whether you are looking to gain international playing or coaching experience or just want to fulfil a sense of achievement from working with enthusiastic children. You will be working alongside the St Lucian RFU and the St. Lucia Referee Society. This platform will see you working closely with very experienced players, coaches, physiotherapists and match officials.

Your Rugby Coaching Role
Volunteers will have the chance to coach at a variety of different levels depending on experience and personal preference. The work with the youth groups places an emphasis on fun and interactive participation, looking to develop skills through games and activities rather than ridged drills. You have the option to be in charge of sessions, or work on specific games and activities depending on your confidence. This is also a great sporting opportunity to ‘talent-spot’ for future national players and our school of excellence.

In addition, you can also work with the National rugby teams, both male and female, to develop and improve their drills and IRB ranking. You will have the opportunity to look at aspects, such as gym routines and offer nutritional advice. You’ll also have the option to run whole sessions or work on specific drills and skill depending on what you believe is appropriate at the time! If the team is competing in a tournament during your trip you will be given the chance to go on tour, culminating in a Caribbean style after party… something not to be missed!

Summer Camps
Summer camps in St Lucia run throughout July and August, and are run in conjunction with sports charity Sacred Sports. These camps attract over 300 children across the island and are free for children aged 5 – 18yrs, offering a range of different sports. The aim is to get children off the streets and doing something positive with their long holidays off school. Volunteer sports coaches are required for cricket, football, netball and rugby.

Gap Year and Career Break Rugby in St Lucia
Your gap year in St Lucia gives you the opportunity to coach and play rugby in paradise! You will the chance to meet amazing rugby loving people and enjoy the sights, sounds and serenity of the Caribbean, leading to a truly memorable gap year, career break of volunteer holiday experience.

From the below arrival dates please choose a trip with a range that means you are with us for an even amount of weeks. This helps us manage airport transfers and also helps with the management of the projects. For example, you could come for a 6 or 8 week trip but not a 5 or 7 week trip.

Start Dates 2020
7th Feb – 2 to 30 weeks
21st Feb – 2 to 28 weeks
6th Mar – 2 to 26 weeks
20th Mar – 2 to 24 weeks
3rd Apr – 2 to 22 weeks
17th Apr – 2 to 20 weeks
1st May – 2 to 18 weeks
15th May – 2 to 16 weeks
29th May – 2 to 14 weeks
12th Jun – 2 to 12 weeks
26th Jun – 2 to 10 weeks
10th Jul – 4 to 8 weeks
24th Jul – 4 to 6 weeks
7th Aug – 2 to 4 weeks
21st Aug – 2 weeks

Start Dates 2021
5th Feb – 2 to 30 weeks
19th Feb – 2 to 28 weeks
5th Mar – 2 to 26 weeks
19th Mar – 2 to 24 weeks
2nd Apr – 2 to 22 weeks
16th Apr – 2 to 20 weeks
30th Apr – 2 to 18 weeks
14th May – 2 to 16 weeks
28th May – 2 to 14 weeks
11th Jun – 2 to 12 weeks
25th Jun – 2 to 10 weeks
9th Jul – 4 to 8 weeks
23rd Jul – 4 to 6 weeks
6th Aug – 2 to 4 weeks
20th Aug – 2 weeks

Note 1: Dates are subject to change.

Note 2: It is important that you arrive on published arrival dates to help with operational management and induction. In St Lucia this tends to be a Friday. There maybe an additional fee if you still require airport collection outside our normal times. Approx GBP £60 each way for up to 5 passengers.

British Nationals will not require a visa to enter St Lucia for up to 90 days. If you are travelling over 42 days (6 weeks) then you will have to provide travel details on arrival, to clear customs. All the details of the process will be explained once you have booked your trip.

For visits longer than 90 days we will arrange extensions for you.

Equipment Donation for St Lucia
We are dedicated to sustainable development. This is why part of the fee you pay goes towards buying decent equipment for beneficiary organisations in St Lucia. You will often use this equipment during your project and it is always left with the community when you leave. In some cases, an equipment donation may not be appropriate so a financial contribution is made instead.

Social Life in St Lucia
While you are volunteering abroad to make a difference it is still important to enjoy yourself and unwind. St Lucia boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, white sands and blue seas! We will often spend the days on the beach before training, and will organise events such as bbq’s or beach games. There are also a number of bars and clubs off the main beach. Then there is the weekly street party in Gros Islet where the roads are closed, speakers are rolled out and people party under the stars.

Travel and Adventure in St Lucia
With this project you get an excursion to world famous Marigot Bay, home to the set of the Dr Doolitttle film. Included is your return transport and water taxis across the bay. You can relax on a private beach or take a short rainforest walk, or get a drink in some of the best bars and restaurants on the Island.

You will be encouraged to explore St Lucia during your free time so you can sample some of its breath-taking sights and meet some of the Caribbean’s friendliest people. The capital, Castries, is home to numerous markets selling a wonder of goods and comes alive when the cruise ships dock. For bars and clubs we recommend Rodney Bay, the home of the vast majority of the hotels. This is also home to the main shopping mall. There are also the famous Piton Mountains which are located in the south of the island and are well worth a visit. You can also climb them if you are feeling ambitious. There is also the Sulphur Springs the ‘World’s only drive in volcano’! The springs are formed from water running through a volcano, which heats the water while the sulphur turns the water black. You can bathe in the water, which is reputed to make you live forever. St Lucia is home to many rainforests which can be explored in a number of ways such as on bikes, quad bikes and zip lining!

CRB/DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Check
Participant’s are advised to complete a CRB/DBS check in order to join this project. We have a partnership with a third party organisation that processes all CRB/DBS checks and disclosures. This is a quick and easy procedure making all aspects of the application as straight forward as possible. We can provide this service for you at an additional cost of GBP £30.

Arrival Pick-Up
We will arrange transport from the airport on arrival in St Lucia so long as it falls on the start date. Any arrival times outside this will incur an additional charge.

Accommodation is based in a shared house with dorm-style rooms and all bed linen is provided. The accommodation is a large open plan guest house, only a few minutes walk from the beach, making it the perfect base for a Caribbean adventure! There’s a large kitchen, sitting room and WIFI is available. Each bedroom has a shower and toilet and there are also laundry facilities.

Breakfast is included on a help yourself basis. Lunch and dinner can be prepared in groups or individually as there is a supermarket close by.

Full project induction and local orientation given on arrival.

Pre-departure help and advice; Local in-country team; 24 hour emergency support.

Part of your fee maybe used to buy decent equipment for the project and community you work with. We also encourage you to bring any extra equipment that you are happy to give away but this will need to fall within your personal weight allowance with the airline you travel with.

Flights; Lunch or dinner, Travel insurance; Visas; Vaccinations; Spending money; In-country personal travel; Soft drinks and alcohol; Extra activities not on itinerary.

You will be provided with further details on where to meet on your arrival.

Preferred Duration
This is a 2 to 12 week trip but we’d prefer you to come for as long as possible to make the most out of the project and the relationships you will build. You can also come for longer and we’ll consider discounts for the commitment shown.

Typical Hours
Weekdays – Sessions will take place after school between 2:00pm – 4:30pm (subject to the school). Saturdays – Sessions will take place in the morning from 10:00am – 12:00pm. You are free to travel and explore the island during the days, or just spend it on one of the great golden sand beaches. There is also a street party in Gros Islet every Friday.

No prior coaching experience or qualifications are required, but a basic understanding of the game and/or playing experience is necessary. You also need to be healthy and of reasonable fitness.

Ideal For
Gap year students, sports science degree students, post-graduates, aspiring coaches, career breakers, summer holidays, professional rugby coaches and any rugby players. Individuals and rugby tour groups.

What rugby kit should I bring?

Bring astros and boots as you'll play on mixed terrain. We have links with top clubs so you'll be able to train at a high level and keep up with your fitness.

Can I bring rugby equipment as a donation to the community?

We would love you to do this and balls, bibs, cones and any old kit will go a long way. However, make sure you can fit this in your airline flight allowance or even call up the airline and ask them if you could have some extra weight for charitable purposes. It's important that if the airline grant you this that a note is make against the booking so there is no awkwardness when checking in at the airport.

Rugby Coaching and Playing Project in St Lucia, Castries

  • Saint Lucia

Ages18 - 80

Tour ID121339

Arrival LocationHewannora International Airport (airport code UVF)

People on trip10 to 18

Suitable for ages 18 to 80


"I would never have thought about going to St Lucia on a sports gap year but I am glad I did. The kids were just amazing and had real passion for the game. I really felt I contributed massively to the development of these young players and I look forward to booking my next trip back to see how they have progressed."
Joe Page
"I have been playing rugby for a number of years through school and university and this experience was a perfect way of sharing my knowledge with a great bunch of young people. The kids really took to the game and working alongside the National Rugby Team is another experience I will never forget. Thanks to everyone involved in organising this fantastic sporting opportunity."
Paul Adams

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